Why should you always hire a licensed electrician?

Australians are already struggling with the cost of electricity and then there’s the inconvenience of unpredictable power outages worsening the situation. We’re all trying to save a few bucks everywhere we can, but the team at Cave Electrical demands that you only put money into licensed electricians in Tweed Heads and the surrounds. We know it’ll probably cost you more than calling in the old man on the street that fixes electrical issues in his spare time or relying on your cousin who is completing his training for quick and cheap service. While this may be the easier and cheaper option, it really isn’t the best one because it opens you up so many potentially dangerous and costly situations. There are certain standards of operation for every electrician in Tweed Heads has on the licensed list. This is also the case for every operational electrician in Lismore.

Four top reasons why you should always hire a licensed electrician

  • Unlicensed electrical work is illegal 

Work by any electrician Lismore and the surrounds has given licensing too, is always the best way to go. It is technically illegal to use unlicensed electricians to do any electrical work on your home or business property in this region. Choosing to do so and then having to deal with any problematic consequences can be difficult to say the least. Plus, you’ll have the authorities to answer to because you went against their ruling. A professional will put safety first by law and if they fail to do so, then they will be the ones answering to authority. You won’t have to deal with any answering if you just stick to the services of a licensed electrician. The guidelines have been designed to make sure that every electrician is operating at the highest level for your benefit. Technicians can’t even lawfully call themselves “electricians” unless they are licensed and qualified enough to do so.

  • Licensed electrical work comes with guarantees

The nice thing about working with a licensed electrician is that they’ll be so committed to the lessons learnt in trading, as well as to providing you good service, that they’ll include certain guarantees with the work they’ll do. This can include a workmanship guarantee, product/material warranty and insurance that will come in handy if there are any unfortunate and unlikely accidents. All these things are nice to fall back on if you experience any issues after any electrical repairs, installations and maintenance jobs done on your property. You can save money because they cover the cost, and you can have some peace knowing that you are free of any liability if there are any emergencies that need to be taken care of.

  • Licensed operators will get you in line

Not only are licensed electrical professionals more knowledgeable than anyone else on everything that involves electricity, they’re also the trade experts on electrical code law and regulation. They’re likely to know more than you about what the government requires from you as a residential or commercial property owner. You may take things like this for granted, but a licensed electrician won’t because it can affect their business and they can have their licenses revoked if they don’t follow electrical code. There are consequences for you too though! Fines can be worth tens of thousands of dollars if you fail to meet electrical code standards for the operation of the system on your property.

  • Licensed electricians can obtain permits

Australian electrical code and regulation is quite strict, and you might discover that very simple fixes require permits from your local state or council body. Electrical system work is especially important for regulatory body allowance before it’s done because it could involve work that is in direct contact with the national power grid. That’s what level 2 electricians are for and we have a team of those on standby at Cave Electrical. We also offer a range of other services, and you can trust that we are the best of the best when it comes to an electrician Twin Heads has on offer.  If you’re doing commercial or domestic work which could possibly affect the greater community then you might need a permit. You may not know how to apply or where to obtain these permits, but a licensed electrician will. They’ve dealt with permits and approvals in the years of experience they’ve acquired, and they can offer you the best advice. They may also know the best way to source them and save you a major headache. Not only that, but the proper permit could save you from serious fines, injuries, or other legal ramifications if anything should happen.

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