When do I need a level 2 electrician?

The entire national grid is currently powering millions of local Aussie properties and hundreds of major regions. All level 2 electricians have to do their work while understanding the scale of the system they work on. Every single property owner, including those with national power grid needs in Murwillumbah, has the responsibility to use proper level 2 certified electricians when it calls for it. Mostly to maintain the power grid for everyone else, but also to keep them safe from potential risks when using it. A level 2 electrician is trained and qualified to handle power grids and live electricity work. Level 1 electricians are those who usually handle electric work on your commercial and residential properties. The clear distinction between the two is based on the ability to work on overhead or underground power lines. 

Before an electrician can become a level 2 accredited technician, they have to obtain a higher qualification that gives them the knowledge to handle bigger jobs for clients. They must go through, and successfully pass, rigorous training so that doing things like repairs, maintenance and installation becomes second nature to them. Once they complete this training and obtain their qualification, they receive their license to do electrical work in Murwillumbah and other surrounding areas. When you are looking for other licensed electricians, they will also undergo this process before being qualified enough to work in your home or commercial premises, but the difference is that level 2 training also includes extensive work on overhead and underground electricity.

When to hire a level 2 electrician?

Level 2 electricians are only needed for electrical work that is overly complex and requires power grid access. Power grid electrical work refers to jobs where the electrician will have to work on underground or overhead cabling that has been established by government to provide electricity to millions of users in Australia. It’s time to call a level 2 electrician for the following duties and responsibilities:

  • They have the duty to install grounding leads. They serve as an alternate path for mis-directed current to flow back to the source, rather than go through anyone touching a dangerous appliance or electrical box.
  • When you are doing construction or renovation, a level 2 electrician has the knowledge to create and interpret blueprints to integrate electrical systems into them. 
  • Level 2 electricians in Murwillumbah and beyond have the authority to lay out, assemble, install, test, repair and adjust electrical fixtures, equipment, and new services that include the usage of panels, conduit, and breakers.
  • They are experienced enough to mount motors, lighting fixtures and transformers into specific places in order to complete the circuit according to construction blueprints 
  • Level 2 certified electricians can also do basic repairs, installations, and tests of everything involved in an electrical circuit, appliance or equipment. And they can repair them. 
  • The disconnection and reconnection of electrical supply to the national power grid. Instances when a level 2 technician is needed here includes when you install off-grid power systems or intensive testing situations. 
  • If you just started a new construction where power grid connection is established, you will need a level 2 electrician to connect you to overhead or underground power lines. 
  • They can also upgrade your power supply or install electrical meters. 

All of the abovementioned work needs to be done by an accredited power grid expert in Murwillumbah and the rest of the Northern Rivers. This is to make sure that they operate on a level that is up to standard with the safety and reliability of NSW’s power supply.  Any time you need power grid and highly technical work on your residential or business property’s network you’ll need a licensed level 2 electrician. But the main things to remember, is if you are upgrading, renovating, experiencing power supply failure, or you’ve moved, it’s best to get in touch with level 2 electrician to lawfully carry out the work. We are accredited to carry out the following:

Power grid connection/disconnection

  • Temporary or permanent disconnection of your premises from the network 

This may be necessary for various reasons like safety measures or extreme cases where a customer has not paid their electricity bill for a long time. When you are doing complicated testing procedures, like load testing for generator units, you’ll need to disconnect from any main power supply for a few hours. A level 2 electrician can easily help you with that

  • Installation or repair of underground service lines to connect you to electricity network 
  • Installation or repair of overhead service lines to connect you to the electricity network 

Electricity is directed to your commercial and residential property in one of two ways, underground or overhead supply. The different types will naturally have different access points and advantages for your unique power supply news. You can speak to a power grid expert about the differences but no matter what, you’ll need their services for connections and repairs. Underground power supply involves the use of thick cables built underground in the soil of every community in Australia including electrical lines in Murwillumbah.  Overhead power grid supply uses tall electric poles and cables to supply power to local residents. Level 2 electricians are specifically trained to do work on both these applications, and this includes the repair and installation of overhead or underground power supply. They can also easily replace faulty electric poles or cables.

  • The installation and activation of an electricity meter also in conjunction with solar panels

Level 2 electricians are comprehensively licensed and trained to install, or reconfigure, power meters in your home or workplace. 

  • Power upgrades

Electricity can be connected at a single phase or 3 phase power applications. Single phase is mostly used for basic, domestic use while 3 phase is used for industrial or commercial use. If you need to switch your electricity supply from a single phase to 3 phase, you should contact a level 2 electrician 

If you need a level 2 electrician…

Murwillumbah locals, and other servicing locations for the dedicated team at Cave Electrical & Solar, call us if you think you qualify for anything mentioned above. You definitely need a qualified technician if you are building a new property that isn’t connected to main power supply or if you need to install newly regulated smart metering on your property.

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