What services does a level 2 electrician provide?

Australia’s power grid services several large cities and over 25 million people. Any electrician who works with it knows that it’s no joke but not every electrician is qualified to do so. A level 2 electrician is trained and qualified to handle power grids and live electricity work. Level 1 electricians are those who usually handle electric work on your commercial and residential properties. There’s a clear distinction between the two because work done on overhead or underground power lines is very technical and requires a specific standard of expertise.

What is a level 2 electrician?

Before an electrician can become level 2 accredited, they have to obtain a higher qualification that gives them the knowledge to handle bigger jobs for clients. They must go through, and successfully pass, rigorous training so that doing things like repairs, maintenance and installation becomes second nature to them. Once they complete this training and obtain their qualification, they receive their license to operate as a level 2 accredited service provider. When you are looking for other licensed electricians will also undergo this process before being qualified enough to work in your home or commercial premises, but the difference is that level 2 training also includes extensive work on overhead and underground electricity. This means that they are smart and can work safely enough to manually handle or touch the tall overhead power cables that you might see on the road outside your home. Make no mistake, these cables produce powerful voltages of electricity because they carry it around the whole country. It’s dangerous work that requires the hands of someone trusted to handle it and therefore the level 2 accreditation is important for you as the customer, for the safety of the electricians themselves and for the protection of the greater power grid.

All electric power can be transmitted and accessed in two main ways: overhead electrical cable lines or underground electrical supply. Our level 2 electrical technicians in Lismore are very knowledgeable on both connections to the power grid. To establish a connection to underground power, cables would need to be buried below your property and overhead power connection involves the building of power poles. They know the differences between the two and would know which one would be best fit for the connection to your home or warehouse. Overhead and underground power supply has different advantages and disadvantages, depending on the location of your property, and these specifically trained electricians can advise which of them would be better than the other. This makes them perfectly capable of doing all these things and so much more. Here’s a short list of some of the other services they provide:

Services offered by level 2 electricians:

  • Smart metering / Meter installation 
  • Switchboard upgrades

Level 2 certified electricians in New South Wales are the only electricians qualified enough to install and maintain the smart meters that track your power usage. Meters connect the customer to the electrical supplier. They track how much electricity you use off the power grid so that energy companies can accurately bill you. 

  • General electrical repair, installation and maintenance

Even though level 2 electricians are experienced in advanced electrical work, they are also more than able to help with any cabling, circuit equipment or appliance work. 

  • Power grid disconnection and reconnection

When customers want to establish a new connection into their property or need a complete disconnect from the power grid, Level 2 accredited electricians can do that using the overhead or underground power lines. This kind of work is usually required when doing a safety test or complete electrical upgrade at your home or office building. 

  • Power upgrades

A power upgrade is when an electrician needs to increase your output to allow for higher usage levels. An example is when a property is being refurbished to cater for commercial uses. In this instance, a level 2 electrician would upgrade a single-phase setup to a 3-phase system. 

Need a level 2 accredited electrician? Call us at Cave Electrical and Solar. Our guys can help you to upgrade your meters. We install Gross, Net and Smart Meters. Let us convert your traditional single phase Gross Meter to net and we can do this without an entirely new smart meter installation. Our licensed electricians can also help you with all electrical work that’s involved with the overhead and underground power grid services into your home. Are you in the process of construction and need to get your property connected to a power line? One of our underground and overhead power specialists are on call 24/7 to help. 

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