What is solar panel maintenance?

Solar systems are meant to provide you with economically sound and environmentally friendly energy for well over a decade. That’s because modern parts, equipment, and design has evolved in a big way over the years and the fittings are meaner machines. Even if you invest in a good quality solar system, it has to be properly installed and well-looked after if it is expected to run smoothly for so many years. Not many are aware of this because solar panels are known for being notoriously low-maintenance and often property owners forget that they’re even there. This is especially the case for those who invest in an off-grid solar system that is constantly working away as an alternative power source. Regular maintenance will keep the system functioning safely and efficiently.

How to maintain your solar panels

There are a couple of signs that your solar system may be due for some much-needed maintenance. This can include things like a weird spike in your energy bill, flashing red or orange lights on the inverter during the day, or visible debris or dirt build-up on the panels. It is the build-up of dust, dirt, and debris that is the major concern because it means that the unit is obstructed, and the solar output may be reduced. Even if you haven’t spotted any of the mentioned signs, it’s still worth booking a regular service with your local solar expert because poorly maintained panels could cost you much more than you can imagine. Maintaining your solar system does involve cleaning your solar panels but there is much more that goes into it. The electrician you choose to carry out regular maintenance will ensure all of the following:

  • Clean and securely fitted panels 
  • No signs of fault or defect 
  • Checking parts for erosion 
  • Clear debris on the panels and vents
  • Wiring has not been damaged/has not deteriorated
  • Electrical component checks to make sure they are operating as intended
  • Inverter display checks

Why do I need to maintain my solar panel system?

  • Upkeep of high-quality function 

You should want your solar system to work at optimum levels and the only way to make sure that is always the case is to carry out regular maintenance. Solar systems that aren’t working at their best will only cost you in the end and suffer at producing the power generation you require. 

  • Prevent damage to equipment

Dust and debris will build up on your solar panels, which can cause damage to the equipment. There is also water or moisture damage to consider, extreme weather like hail or strong winds, and even the occasional critter. All of these things can cause significant damage to your system if it isn’t serviced every now and then. Without servicing, you’ll find yourself frequently paying for expensive repairs or replacements due to damaged elements. 

  • Reduce the risk of solar panel fires

Solar panel fires are an increasingly concerning risk and that is also the case in the Northern Rivers. Our domestic and commercial electricians in Tweed Heads have had to attend to the various units that suffered solar panel fire damage. They are mostly caused by incorrect installation or faulty manufacturing of the built-in isolator switches. These switches are supposed to isolate surges in solar panels away from the rest of the house. Regular servicing is an important factor in preventing fires.

How often do I need to maintain my solar panel system?

This is completely dependant on your unique installation and usage trends, but the general rule is to aim for an annual servicing from a professional technician. They are the only ones that should undertake routine maintenance on your solar panel system. Unlike typical electrical equipment, you can never be sure that your solar system is safe to touch even if you turn it off. It may still pose an electrical hazard that can only be mitigated by a professional. This is especially the case for roof-mounted systems, which require that someone is doing work at potentially dangerous heights. Leave this work to the people that know how to do it safely. It is also a recommendation of the Clean Energy Council that solar panel systems are inspected and maintained by a licensed electrician or Clean Energy Council-accredited solar panel system installer.

We’re licensed by the Clean Energy Council which recommends setting up an annual maintenance schedule for appointments to ensure that the system is safe and functioning well. Annual servicing can be expensive, and most times unnecessary, so once every year may be too often for the average residential or commercial client locally. Provided that the system is installed by a professional and experienced service provider, you should only need an inspection or maintenance check every five years or so. If you have flat solar panels, which are positioned this way at installation, you may need more frequent inspection. You can also invest in a good quality monitoring system to keep an eye on your solar panel’s support. It can be digitized to send alerts to us, as your licensed installers, or to yourself if anything isn’t operating as it should. Contact us for more on monitoring options.

Solar power maintenance and servicing with Cave Electrical and Solar 

Solar panel maintenance isn’t just a yearly clean up or cleaning service to get rid of a bit of dust over time. It is much more technical and can be a hazard to anyone who is not licensed to do so. All you need to do is keep up with your scheduled appointments, which won’t be very frequent at all, and your panels should continue to operate at peak efficiency, bringing you clean, renewable solar power for years to come. Rely on a servicing and maintenance expert at Cave Electrical and Solar to do this for you. Expect a full-service solar maintenance solution plan that is designed to suit your needs now and well into the future.

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