What do commercial electricians do?

Becoming an electrician in Byron Bay isn’t an easy task and it requires very specific skills to qualify. This is especially the case when it comes to commercial electricians because they do highly professional electrical work on commercial systems. Commercial premises like an office building, retail stores, educational facilities and otherwise have systems much larger and more complicated than your average home. The standards for safe electrical work are also much more stringent here because they are places of work, and this is one reason why the expertise of a commercial electrician is necessary. Keep reading and we’ll break down everything you need to know about commercial electricians.

The 3 main types of electricians

Before we get into what a commercial electrician is a specialist in, it’s a good idea to understand the greater scheme of things when it comes to licensed electrical work in the Northern Rivers. There are three broad categories of electricians and they each have distinct skills that differentiate them. Domestic electricians handle domestic residences, commercial electricians handle commercial properties, and a level 2 electrician specializes in national power grid electrical work. Let’s start by explaining their basic definitions below:

  • Residential electricians

Residential electricians are also known as domestic electricians, and they are specifically trained to handle all electrical work and emergencies in residential settings. They have been specifically trained to handle repairs, installations and replacements related to any electrical wiring or outlet issues on your home property in the Northern Rivers. If you are wondering how much domestic electrical work costs, then we have a handy guide for your reference. 

  • Commercial electricians

Commercial electricians are experts most familiar with large, complex systems in buildings used for all manner of commerce. They specialize in commercial property work because it requires very unique equipment, knowledge, qualifications, and licensing necessary to guarantee a high standard of electrical work. You cannot call in a residential electrician to handle electrical maintenance for your commercial property because there will be major differences in the scope of work.

  • Level 2 electricians

Level 2 electrician is an electrical service expert who is authorised to connect a home or business property to and from the power grid. Because of the increased risk of this sort of electrical work, not all electricians are qualified to perform it. They are the specialist to call when you need professional grid connection services, and you’ll understand why it takes this level of expertise. 

Most of the actual electrical work for each is similar and some of the safety procedures are the same. The difference lies in the range of expertise and experience when it comes to category-specific installation. As you can imagine, the design for the varying areas and the best way to plan accordingly for your environment is why there is a classification between them. We’re focusing on what electricians do in a commercial environment here. So, let’s home back in on explaining that theme.

 What is a commercial electrician?

Commercial electricians are specifically trained to focus on commercial projects but that doesn’t mean that they can’t handle other installation types. That is because they are trained, and go through a rigorous qualification process, to focus on the electrical systems of a building that is used for commercial purposes rather than the residential buildings. Commercial electrical systems have to cater to more people and are much more complex systems therefore it is much more difficult work than typical residential work. Commercial electricians thrive in data centre control rooms and other large rooms full of wirings and electrical supplies. You couldn’t call a residential electrician to work in shopping malls or apartment buildings or otherwise. This is why certain electrical experts specialise to work in commercial environments. The main tasks they will usually undertake consist of making installations, maintaining the systems and components, and replacing faulty wiring or circuits. The typical work they do is much more demanding when compared to work done on residential properties because they have a wider range of clients to deal with. Households use electricity in typical ways and dealing with faults can be much less complicated. It’s not so easy when it comes to commercial buildings because electrical faults can be caused by any of the hundred employees or the various high-level equipment on site. 

Services offered by a commercial electrician

Installations, maintenance, inspections, and electrical repairs to keep electrical systems and components in good working order. The inspection process must be carried out by a licensed professional in your region and abide by safe electrical regulations. 

They are also equipped to assist in the process of designing, planning, and creating electrical systems from the ground up. Commercial electricians are most knowledgeable about electricity needs and ensure that those of typical commercial workspaces are met. While doing so, they will also make sure that the circuit work is compliant with the latest codes and legislation.

Hiring a commercial electrician 

We want to start by emphasising that all unlicensed electrical work in Australia is technically illegal. Not only is it illegal, but it also leaves you liable in any cases where insurance claims need to be made. The local licensing requirements are in place to make sure that electricians are all trained the same way so that we can maintain a standard of safety. If we aren’t all following the same guidelines to ensure uniformity, this is where dangerous faults and property damage can sneak in to ruin the day. Other than ensuring that the electrician is properly licensed, you’ll also want to look out for the following:


Just to qualify as a licensed electrician, your electrical expert already spent many years doing the work required. That means that no one should present themselves with less experience than what is required. More experience is always better! Experienced electricians understand the value of the work ethic that is strongly against cutting corners. It protects you, the consumer, the integrity of your electrical system and every other potential technician called on-site to work there. Cave Electrical & Solar has been in the business of electrical work for over 50 years, and you won’t go wrong with us.

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