The importance of grounding electrical currents

The ground we walk on everyday is the source of many things in our daily lives that help us to survive. The food we eat and the trees that give us oxygen, to mention a few. Even though electricity doesn’t come from the ground, it definitely needs the stability the ground offers for us to use it. The earth is not just an excellent resource, it’s also an amazing conductor of electricity and this is the reason why local electricians swear by the practise of good grounding. The team here at Cave Electrical and Solar, prides themselves in being electrical work experts that can simplify the complicated world of electricity. So if you are looking for a commercial electrician, give us a call. We will explain what grounding is and why you need to do it for safe electricity usage. 

What is grounding?

Circuits have wires and these wires transport electricity into your globes and appliances throughout your home. There are three main wires to consider: the active wire, neutral wire and the grounding wire. They all serve different purposes in delivering electricity back and forth in the current. The grounding wire is fixed by a professional electrician  directly to outlets and all electrical appliances and connects them all to the ground at the meter/fuse box. This extra wire is there as a safety measure. It gives the electricity a path to go to, directly down into the earth, in the event of a short circuit. This is the perfect place for the electricity to be directed to in this situation because the earth has an electric potential of zero and has no charge. That means it can absorb any currents quite easily compared to what they could do to your appliances or even to your bare hand. It is also unlikely to transfer that current through to everything or anything else. It quite simply swallows dangerous currents before they cause potentially dangerous mishaps to people and property. Grounding electricity, therefore, is to add an emergency pathway through circuits and from your appliances or equipment into the ground which functions as a stable holder (conductor) of electricity. 

If you’re wondering how the wiring is connected to the ground, this is a short and sweet explanation. All the homes, or a large majority, in the country have a metal rod that was drilled deep into the ground by a licensed expert that is extending from the house and it is directly connected to the wiring. It is connected by a copper conductor that helps to connect the rod to a set of “terminals” in the service panel or fuse box. Every single home built in Australia has a grounded circuit system, so it’s probably already sorted where you are and not a cause for any concern. If you’ve had recent incidents of short-circuiting and are unsure about the safety of the electrical work and wiring at your home, contact us on 0419 001 001 now and we’ll send in a professional to help you immediately. 

Why is grounding important? 

The main advantage is that it protects against electrical overload. Grounding all your electrical systems means that all unexpected electrical charges will be carried away from sources safely away to the earth. So, the first thing is that it makes sure that dangerous currents go exactly where they need to go – away from you. You, your family or employees, appliances and expensive equipment will be protected from dangerous ‘leaks’ of electricity. The earth is much tougher at dealing with it than you. The grounding comes in handy in emergency situations, but it is also very helpful in maintaining how circuits work every day. Grounding helps to stabilize the amount of voltage always running through circuits. It will mediate a healthy level of electricity and absorb anything that seems unnatural so that your circuits can maintain a good level of power without overloading or undersupplying.

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