A switchboard guarantees that your TV turns up when you press the ‘on’ key on your controller or when you click on the lighting switch in your bedroom or your microwave. It further ensures that your air conditioner, laundry machine, heater, and night lamp all have electricity. However, for any switchboard to perform at its best, it must be capable of handling the electrical strain that you place on it daily.
Homes built thirty, or more decades ago did not provide the technological developments that we possess now, so the switchboards utilized did not require handling large workloads.

However, in this technological age with countless rechargeable batteries, intelligent devices, and electrical appliances, you must check that your switchboard could handle the electrical strain you are putting on it. You might be asking how to tell if your switchboard requires upgrading, which is a valid concern.

What is a Switchboard ?

A switchboard is indeed a centralized board in your home that aids in the distribution of electrical power. A switchboard’s primary function is to direct energy from the primary supply to a specific region of your home for use, such as whenever you turn over a light switch or your dishwashers.

A switchboard comprises several interconnected components, the most common of which are the main and distributing sections. These components are occasionally replaced by a combined section, which would perform the functions of both the previous sections. Auxiliary sections on switchboards are sometimes included to house devices placed in the same area as other gadgets.

Cave Electrical Safety Guarantee

Cave Electrical can tell you whether an update is necessary or not, plus if it is not, experts could give you an estimate of how long it will take to ensure your home is secure. Another reason to consider a switchboard upgrade is that the safety switches included in newer-style switchboards reduce the risk of fire and shock. Because newer-style switchboards seem more adequately intended to cope with high contemporary electrical workloads, generally it is little of a danger that your switchboard would overflow.

If you are thinking about going solar, you will find that many of your options require an improved switchboard to work correctly.

The most important factor is safety: an outdated switchboard can be insecure and, in certain circumstances, deadly, as continuous electrical spills can lead to various problems in your home. This is precisely why it is critical to check if you need a switchboard upgrade regularly. Therefore, if you are unsure or your switchboard seems acting strangely, ask your local electrician to come out and inspect it

How much does a switchboard upgrade cost ?

The cost of upgrading a switchboard at Cave Electrical varies substantially based on several criteria, including:


The current size of your switchboard

The dimensions you want the upgrade to

Capacity of old switchboard

Labour charges, etc

These are the key elements that can affect the cost of an improvement. Still, depending on how your property is set up, there might be more to examine (It is also possible that your house is already fully wired, such an upgrade, negating several of the overhead expenses).
Thus, before starting any work, call Cave Electrician who will give you a free quote and offer you an exact price that considers your specific circumstances.
On the other hand, people have the potential to rely on the expenses of a switchboard upgrade until it is far past due because they think it is too costly.
Consider an update as investing in your security, your families, and your house, rather than a cost. If your switchboard keeps constantly overloading, it could result in a range of dangerous circumstances, ranging from flickering lighting to house flames, so it is best to update it as quickly as possible.
Also, whereas an electrician is on the premises, you can request that they examine the overall condition of your home’s cabling; they may discover something that could be addressed before it causes a problem later.

Switchboard  Upgrade regulations

Many older switchboards do not meet regulatory or legal requirements. Because newer-style switchboards seem more adequately intended to cope mainly with modern electricity workloads, there is little of a likelihood that your plugs will explode due to overloading. Many modern intelligent meters require newer-style switchboards to function correctly.

Household energy usage will rise in lockstep with technological advancements. As a result, today we have more household gadgets than ever before, requiring more energy. Ancient switchboards and old ceramics, and porcelain switches are simply not suited to meet the ever-increasing demand for power. The energy safety regulations are revised regularly to guarantee that our country’s switchboards are secure and straightforward. You are presently required to update your switchboard within Energy Guidelines if you have:

  • Notice about an electrical problem
  • Need major electrical appliances like pumps for pools, irrigation etc
  • Need a new power outlet

If you are looking for switchboard upgrades in Byron Bay, Lismore, Tweed Heads, Murwillumbah or Ballina, give Cave Electrical a call.

Our Services

Domestic Electrician

2 things your home electrician wants you to know
Don’t ALWAYS try DIY

Electricity is an unpredictable and not-so friendly thing at the best of times. If you’re trying to pick up some DIY skills, we suggest you stick to electrical components that are outside your home.

Maintain to avoid emergency pain

We know that property owners only ever think to call us in the case of an emergency. You only call your plumber if there’s a flood and you only call your electrician when there’s an explosion. The secret to avoiding emergency calls (and the rates that come with them) is using our services in a more regular routine so that we can make sure that everything is working as it should, long before we get to catastrophic moments.

Commercial Electrician

Cave Electric & Solar has a team of fully qualified domestic and commercial electricians but sometimes our customers need convincing about why you need a commercial electrician in certain cases. Just because your commercial property is the same size as your residential property, it doesn’t mean that a domestic electrician is skilled enough to handle both. Commercial buildings have a different electrical setup because they have a bigger energy load. Commercial electricians are magicians when it comes to this specific energy range and in an emergency, we’re more qualified to fix a power outage than anyone else.

Switchboard upgrades

Now that you’ve had your switchboard upgraded by a Cave Electric & Solar electrician, we still need your help to make sure that you keep an eye on it. The switchboard is still vulnerable to wear and tear, and we want to make sure it has a long life. We suggest doing some of the below every now and then:

Looking after your upgraded switchboard:
  • Check that the fastenings are still tight
  • Keep it clean of dust and dirt inside the box
  • Alert one of our electricians if you see any wires deteriorating
  • Make sure that doors and weather seals are keeping the switchboard securely concealed
  • Check that all bolts are sitting tight

Solar Power

Hybrid vs Off grid solar systems

Better power consumption: Hybrid systems combine the best of grid-tied electricity and battery stored power


Pricier at installation: Hybrid systems have more complicated equipment and therefore will be more expensive to install.


Complete energy independence: An off-grid solar system relies on panels only and users can disconnect from the national power grid and the fluctuating costs


Restricted energy usage: Off-grid systems are restricted by how much energy they can extract from the sun during the day. Therefore, you must use power more sparingly.

Level 2 Electrician

Four reasons you need a level 2 electrician

Our team of level 2 accredited electricians are the ones to call if your electrical problem involves the power grid. They’re trained and prepared to offer a range of services and some of them include (but are not limited to):

If the electrical job requires a complete disconnect of your premises from the power network

The installation and maintenance of an electricity meter at your commercial property

The installation of grounding leads

The installation or repair of an underground power line

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