Off grid Standalone solar systems

Extreme weather events, and more frequent power cuts as a result of them, are a big problem for stable and consistent electricity from the national power grid in New South Wales. You should invest in an off grid or standalone alternative power source to keep up with this and your best option is solar systems! An off-grid solar system that is connected to a grid on your property that requires battery storage. They allow you the freedom to enjoy consistent energy supply even when you aren’t relying on the national power grid. These systems have enough battery capacity to meet the location’s electrical energy demands.

New South Wales is very fortunate to experience an abundance of sunshine and Northern Rivers locals are aware of that. A standalone solar system will work very well here to supplement your electrical needs during unforeseen circumstances. You should only spend just enough money to supply adequate supply for your domestic or commercial property in the Northern Rivers. This is based on your daily wattage usage and peak time requirements. 

Off-grid solar systems, also known as stand-alone solar systems, can provide the same power supply as grids in areas where the grid is unavailable or unreliable. Off-grid solar systems can consist of roof or ground solar panels, but they function in combination with other elements to complete the system. There might also be a battery bank, and an inverter as the middle ground between different inputs. The size of your standalone system can vary in a number of ways, but we have custom setups that can supply energy for any energy requirement in Ballina, Byron Bay, Lismore, Tweed Heads and Murwillumbah. Modern off-grid advancements and tech are much easier to use and maintain when compared with older systems. They can be fully automated which means that monitoring and controls can be handled from anywhere at any time. Another benefit of modern off-grid systems is the quality of the power they are able to produce. It is known to be better than average grid electricity and that will extend the lifespan of all your appliances and commercial equipment. Standalone systems that have remote controlled and automated systems are hybrid systems because they offer a mix of convenient and efficient technologies. 

Why are standalone solar systems good?

Here are a few benefits of solar system use in the Northern Rivers…

One of the main reasons why Australian residents and commercial property owners are choosing solar power solutions is because it is becoming cheaper and cheaper to install them. The prices of solar equipment of the last 10 years are vastly different to current prices. There are many local manufacturers and suppliers of solar system equipment and that means that the market has become more competitive, which is good news for you as the buyer. Not only are they cheaper to install, but they are also easier to install for licensed solar technicians in the Northern Rivers.

Greener sources of power aren’t just better for the environment, but they are also better for the costs you pay to get electricity. without a doubt, you are sure to make substantial savings over the long term. The cost to maintain the connection to main powers to your property is already extremely high. There’s no time more important than now to explore your options for something cheaper and more sustainable. Domestic and commercial owners investing in a new construction can expect to pay $10,000 or more to connect to the nearest power line. Then, you have to consider the cost of ongoing, and rising, electricity bills that come with that connection to main power. The purpose of standalone power is to free yourself from these rising costs. Instead of paying for the connection and bulls associated with the main power grid connection, you can put your money into a self-sustaining energy system in the form of sign energy. At least this way, your investment is sure to contribute to consistent power supply and isn’t vulnerable to national power grid issues. Can you imagine a life where you don’t have to wait for a bill from your local energy retailer? 

The reason why residential and commercial solar power is growing in Australia’s transition to clean energy is because it is so beneficial for the environment. While it is undeniably better for the environment an off grid solar system can also power your entire home with more efficient energy altogether. Normal electricity usage can be wasteful, but a standalone system encourages you to place greater value on the electricity that you use. It also sweetens the deal to know that you are making the best use of your own electricity generation. It also doesn’t hurt that; solar panels can produce clean energy for 25 years and beyond that.

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Residential and commercial properties in remote areas can find it very difficult to connect to the main power grid. A Cave Electrical & Solar off grid solar system is the perfect solution for you.

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Cave Electrical & Solar is an excellent installer and user of high-quality solar panels, batteries, and inverters.

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How does an
inverter work?

Inverters are an age-old application that can change low voltage AC to high voltage DC or vice versa. They are essentially a switching unit that will be installed in your solar system. Mechanical inverters either have an electronic motor or some other kind of automated switching mechanism which flips the incoming direct current back and forth into the primary source. The switching device looks and works like a doorbell. As soon as power is connected, it magnetizes the switch, pulling it open and switching it off every now and then. There is a spring in the switch which will pull it back into position, turning it on and off again and repeating the process. It does this all in the efforts to invert, direct and transfer solar energy where it is needed.

Victron and electronic

Typical electronic inverters are used to produce a smooth AC output from ADC input. They all use basic electronic components called inductors and capacitors to make the output current rise and fall more gradually than the ad dropped switching that you’d get with a basic inverter. The efficiency of an inverter is often over 90%, though some energy can be lost at some point in the process.

Victron is a popular inverter manufacturer across Australia. It offers a range of battery inverters slash charges from tiny electrical sizes to large grid inverters that offer 15 kVa. This brand is known and trusted, even for solar panel installers in the northern rivers, for having a wide range of sizes but also many different devices that are designed for specific applications. Call us today and we can discuss your options which include all in one units and more complicated multiple capacity inverters that have multiple AC inputs and can supply power from the grid or a generator depending on which is active. Victron inverters are compatible with a wide range of lead acid and lithium battery systems.

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Domestic Electrician

What is a domestic electrician ?

In simple terms, we like to think of a domestic electrician as someone who sticks to electrical work in residential areas and household properties. In technical electrician terms, a domestic electrician is considered a new entrant in the ranks and are mainly skilled in doing single phase installations in domestic classes which are usually houses, flats or bungalows. Because of the nature, and frequency, of household electrical emergencies, Cave Electric and Solar offers 24/7 emergency domestic electrician services. They are also good at hot water services, switchboard repairs and insurance work for any kind of environment damage to your home.

Commercial Electrician

Commercial electricians – what do they do ?

Depending on which of your properties you need us to come and help you on, you need a quick crash course about the difference between your regular (domestic) electrician and a commercial electrician. Commercial electricians are trained in what is called 3 phase sectors. Commercial properties are usually in retail, business or industrial areas. If you need an electrician for your warehouse, office building or your boutique road-side store, a commercial electrician is more equipped to deal with your electric repairs because the systems in this kind of infrastructure is more complicated than at your home.

Level 2 Electrician

What is a level 2 electrician ?

An electrician becomes a level 2 accredited service provider (ASP) when they officially qualify to install, repair and maintain anything linked to national power grid systems in both underground and overhead services. These systems run between customers’ homes and the greater electrical supply network. To ensure that all of Australia’s power supply networks can function safely and effectively, an electrician must have a level 2 accreditation before doing complex electrical work like breaking or reconnecting connection or upgrading the power supply. Whether is residential, commercial or industrial, you must, by law, call a Level 2 ASP to do the work.

Solar Power

At Cave Electrical & Solar we pride ourselves on becoming solar specialists many years ago because it helped us grow our business and change many of our customers lives. We’re a solar company that promises to be here for you in the long-run and with continued consistency. This makes us stand-out against our competitors because they’ve struggled in the renewable energy sector. Our solar solutions work comes with a 5-year guarantee and the guarantee includes the parts we use because we’re confident that you won’t experience any leaks when you make the renewable energy change.

Switchboard upgrades

The switchboard in your home and commercial property can romantically be compared to the heart of the place. This is because it is the main source of power, and it pumps power through the ‘veins or the circuits that are connecting everything together. Doctor’s check how strong your heart is at every consultation and that should tell you how important it is to check how strong your switchboard is. Whether it just needs a check-up, some maintenance or a full upgrade, our licensed professionals are here to help make sure that it is pumping power at the highest quality possible.

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