How to find a good electrician?

We’re an electrical services & solar solutions company that’s been around for a while. Take it from us, in 50 years of operations (and three generations of family to witness it) we’ve seen a lot of shady business in the industry. There are electrical work companies that come and go because they are only after a quick buck and don’t have their customer’s best interests at hand. We can promise that our electricians are accredited by the Clean Energy Council, licensed and insured but we can’t say the same for every local electrician. One bad electrician or one poorly done electrical job will only make our jobs harder in the long run because we’ll have to fix what they broke. We need the help of vigilant customers, like yourselves, to avoid this. If you stick to employing licensed, local electricians who are good to you, it’ll be good for us too. Read more for a few recommendations and some advice about spotting a good electrician. Then you’ll understand the benefits that come with licensed electricians.

First and foremost, it should be common knowledge that all unlicensed electrical work in Australia is technically illegal.  The licensing requirements are in place to make sure that electricians are all trained the same way, so that we can maintain a standard of safety. Almost as if electrical work were a language, they should all speak it and if they’re all speaking the same language, there won’t be any misunderstandings. These are three ways to verify that you’re using a licensed domestic or commercial  electrician:

How to find the best electrician for you

1. Get multiple quotes for the same job

Unlicensed electricians will give you a quote that seems too good to be true or ridiculously expensive. Either way, they are trying to make themselves look like the more attractive option when compared to licensed electricians. Call several other electricians and compare the prices. If one looks slightly odd next to the others, it’s highly likely that you’re dealing with an electrician who isn’t licensed. 

2. Do your research 

This might sound like a lot of work from your side but it’s a sure-fire way to avoid being ripped off. Do an internet search but for very specific reasons. There are many online databases which can verify if someone is licensed or not. Ask your electrician for their license number and check for it there. Also look for reviews, not those on the electrician’s website, but on popular review platforms or service & tradesmen websites.

3. Report anything suspicious

The best way for us to make sure that we can spot unlicensed electricians from the licensed ones, is to do our part in pointing them out for the authorities to take care of them. By doing this, you could be saving the next person from using their services and even better saving the legitimately licensed electricians from working on jobs that may have been botched previously.

Three benefits of using a licensed electrician

  • They are well-versed in the state, local, and national safety codes. They often know the rules for residential and commercial property laws well before you do and can help keep you updated and up to standard. They can help you with the new requirements on switchboard upgrades, or with level 2 technical national power grid work. Australia’s electrical safety code dictates exactly how they are supposed to install, repair and maintain the operation of all your electrical systems. Often without you knowing, your licensed electrician is keeping you in line with the law
  • Unlicensed electricians may have years of experience to match licensed ones, but the one thing they can’t beat us on is a reliable, air-tight warranty. We offer a 5-year guarantee at Cave Electrical and Solar and that means for all that time, we will hold ourselves liable for the quality of our work. Unlicensed electricians are not likely to offer you that kind of certainty. 
  • The process of licensing comes with mandatory and thorough education on the latest electrical equipment and technology. This means that a licensed electrician may be more knowledgeable in doing electrical work which will not only be safer but also be more affordable in your homes, commercial or industrial properties. They will make recommendations that use electricity more efficiently when installing things like air conditioning units, lighting or meters.  

Every single electrician who holds a legitimate license, holds it for a reason. Being licensed means that the electrician passed an exam and had all the necessary qualifications to do the work before being allowed to do the work. Licenses aren’t something that are just handed out for free. Their a badge which represents the electrician and the authority board that issues them. Only the best of the best can be allowed to handle something as dangerous as electrical work. Therefore, the license is a badge of approval that can also turn into an advantage if there is a mishap that causes property damage or harm to any people. Liability insurance and homeowner’s insurance will be more likely to pay out if you use someone that is reputable. Liability insurance is important for the few and unfortunate cases where something goes awry during a job on your property and there is someone hurt, or things broken. Cave Electrical and Solars’ licensed electricians will save you so much money in a situation like this because everything is covered and guaranteed. Give us a call or complete the form below and get a free quote. We’re happy to prove the validity of our licensing and the quality of our work. 

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