How to choose the best outdoor lights?

Recent times have taught us to appreciate being outside and what better place to be than in the beautiful Northern Rivers of Australia. If you want to spruce up your backyard or make changes to your commercial property, these outdoor lighting ideas will definitely help you. There’s nothing quite like a breath of fresh Northern air is there and the sight of the stars at night is equally as breathtaking. Now, that local property owners are seeing the value in investing more money on the outdoor areas of the premises, we’ve got a few recommendations about the best lighting as a trusted electrician in Lismore that locals love. Things have evolved way past a simple light bulb in recent years and it’s a good idea to explore all your options. Great outdoor lighting can really enhance the experience of the property and make the area look and feel more inviting. There are many ways to express your creativity and all while using the highest quality materials from trusted suppliers in the area. Our trusted electricians in Lismore have come up with a few ideas to completely transform your outdoor space

7 different types of outdoor lighting

    1. LED garden lights

      like ground spots and garden spikes are a lovely addition to any garden and can add to overall night-time safety and aesthetics. LED garden lights are versatile when it comes to electrical supply because they can use both electric and solar energy
    2. Floodlights

      offer more comprehensive lighting in your backyard because they’re bright and can encompass large areas.
    3. Spotlights

      can be used to illuminate certain parts of your outdoor area with a bright beam of light
    4. Wall lights

      are popular outdoor lighting fixtures and are usually mounted to the surface of the walls on the outside of your home.
  • LED in-ground lights

    can be placed in the ground on tiles or in the garden.
  • Deck and step lights

    provide a soft glow of light to help you find your way in outdoor settings
  • Sensor lights

    are outdoor lights that are designed to switch on when they sense movement nearby

What are the best materials for outdoor lighting?

While you’re looking at pretty designs for your outdoor lighting, it’s also important to remember how certain materials contribute to durability in outdoor environments. Outdoor areas in your home and commercial property need to be tough, or have an additional level of protection added, to protect them against elements like wind, rain and even sea air. You can ask a commercial or domestic electrician about the best materials for the job. The Northern Rivers has humid air because it’s situated around fertile valleys and rivers and it’s a coastline destination. Homes in these areas are exposed to a lot of moisture in the air and they can be the hardest to protect. Outdoor lights should be made of tougher metals like copper and bronze to withstand the elements and some are better than others. Stainless steel is another good option for outdoor lights because it is highly resistant to sea salt damage. You could also choose outdoor lights made of aluminium because it never rusts and maintains a shiny, polished look.

Now that you have a better sense of your outdoor lighting vision, you might be wondering how much an electrician costs. Alternatively, you should give us a call on 0419 001 001 or visit our website for an electrician in Tweed Heads and the greater Northern Rivers area to handle the installation. We’ve been operating in the area for over 50 years and have lost track of the thousands of bulbs we’ve twisted and fixtures we’ve installed. Because we’re also solar power experts, we can also give you professional advice about alternative energy solutions for your outdoor lighting and not many electrical services providers in the area are certified to do that.

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