How much is a switchboard upgrade?

Switchboard upgrades aren’t just a cosmetic job to get your old stuff up to scratch. They also aren’t just important for keeping up with our modern technological appliances and equipment in our homes and commercial properties. They are a safety regulation by the NSW government to protect every single property owner in the region including those needing switchboard upgrades in Tweed Heads. You must employ a licensed and insured electrician to handle your switchboard upgrade because it is required by law but also because it ensures the highest quality job completion. Using the highest quality service men in your local community won’t necessarily come at the cheapest price, but that is a good thing for you as a customer. You should want the best to handle something as technical and potentially dangerous as a switchboard upgrade. This makes sure that it is done to the highest standard of safety and to give you the best longevity of the product. This is a Cave Electrical & Solar guide which should help you with the budgeting process for your new switchboard in the Northern Rivers. Please note that all prices given here are meant to be used as a guide and not an accurate estimation of switchboard upgrade costs. 

How much is a switchboard upgrade?

A basic switchboard upgrade worth 160 amps may cost $500 and a more complicated switchboard worth 250 amps may cost $1800 or more. The difference in these price ranges is due to the capacity of the switchboard you may need. A switchboard technician is best suited to recommend the capacity of switchboard you may need for your residential or commercial property. The technician can also advise on what their specific service fees are per hour and we have a detailed cost guide for domestic and commercial electricians at your disposal. If you need to install a 3-phase power switchboard, you can expect the cost to be much higher than the basic range given here. The price range for this type of installation can go as high as $3000 and even more. Switchboard upgrades that require additional equipment, like cabling or wiring, will also cost slightly more than the basic cost range. You can expect to pay upwards of $2000 for these kinds of jobs due to the complicated electrical work and system reconfiguring required. Tweed heads electricians will complete switchboard upgrades with the added benefits of a warranty. This helps to protect your investment as a customer and ensure that you are happy with the overall installation.

What can change the cost of a switchboard upgrade?

There are many things that can affect the estimated price mentioned above. These are the key elements that can affect the cost of an improvement. Still, depending on how your property is set up, there might be more to examine (It is also possible that your house is already fully wired, such an upgrade, negating several of the overhead expenses). Thus, before starting any work, call Cave Electrician who will give you a free quote and offer you an exact price that considers your specific circumstances.

On the other hand, people have the potential to rely on the expenses of a switchboard upgrade until it is far past due because they think it is too costly. Consider an update as investing in your security, your families, and your house, rather than a cost. If your switchboard keeps constantly overloading, it could result in a range of dangerous circumstances, ranging from flickering lighting to house flames, so it is best to update it as quickly as possible. Also, whereas an electrician is on the premises, you can request that they examine the overall condition of your home’s cabling; they may discover something that could be addressed before it causes a problem later.


What is a 3-phase switchboard?

Commercial and residential property owners in Tweed Heads that need this level of switchboard upgrade usually have very high electricity requirements. This may mean that they use multiple advanced appliances or high functioning equipment very often. 3-phase switchboards are often required on commercial and industrial properties because they are places of work for Northern Rivers locals. But they can also be installed in larger residential properties that run a lot of electrical systems. You may need a three faced board if you are a homeowner with multiple air conditioning units on the property. 

Do I need a switchboard upgrade? 

The technology we use from the moment we wake up to bedtime is becoming more and more advanced every day. While this is great for making our lives easier, it is putting additional strain on our electrical system to provide higher levels of output. Old switchboards, such as those with ceramic fuses and asbestos filled panels, are just not strong enough to keep up with our modern requirements. And even more important than that, they are just not as safe for day-to-day use anymore. The new switchboard requirements are part of Australia’s new energy safety standards which have been put in place to make sure that every property’s switchboard is safe and operating efficiently. Under the latest update in regulatory standards, you are required to have a safety switch or RCD switch installed. It shuts down electrical supply as soon as a change in the electrical current is identified.

What are the signs that I need a switchboard upgrade?

These are some easily noticeable signs that it’s time to call a switchboard upgrade specialist:

  • Random flickering Lights
  • Visually obvious frayed or blown Fuses
  • Frequent incidents of short circuiting
  • Overcrowded wiring
  • Many and overlapping rewired fuses 
  • A missing safety switch (or RCD)
  • Loose connections and wiring
  • The switchboard is of older age
  • Buzzing or odd noises occur from the switchboard
  • Overheating in the cables 
  • You just installed new electrical units with large power requirements

How to do a switchboard upgrade?

You first have to start by calling a local electrician to handle the switchboard upgrade. We have been upgrading switchboards and providing a host of other services for Tweed Heads locals and neighbouring communities. 

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