How much does an electrician cost?

The work that electricians in and across New South Wales must do isn’t a piece of cake. It’s dangerous, complicated, and often takes a lot of concentration and skill to complete successfully. That’s why electricians are one of the country’s most beloved and overworked tradesmen. Australian electrical code is a huge job to keep up with and safe electricity use in the country is a personal goal for each tradie. That’s why every cent you pay for a licensed and qualified electrical work is worth it. Cave Electrical specialises in offering the best electrician Lismore requires and the best electrician Tweed Heads needs but we also support the work of our fellow technicians across the region. We also know that our own team of electricians offer emergency services at all hours of the day and even though those can be more expensive, there are valid reasons for the pricing. We’re working hard over here to keep you safe and protected from the dangers involved with electricity, so we really appreciate all the money you must spend on our services and handiwork. We also understand that you need to budget for a visit from your friendly, local electrician, so this Cave Electrical blog can be used as a guide for the cost of their services. 

What is included in the cost of hiring an electrician?

  • Call-out fees

Many domestic and commercial electricians in the country use hourly call out fees to give customers an estimation of how much a job will cost based on their work experience and understanding of how long a typical job will take. A call-out fee is a set amount charged by a business or a tradesperson in service provider industries that cover the costs of fully attending to a customer’s home, business, or property. Call out fees apply for tradesmen that offer services that are usually called on in short notice and in out-of-hours periods. Call out fees cover the cost, time, and expertise it takes for an electrician to deliver their electrical services.

  • After hours/emergency rates

Fees and call-out costs are more costly during the hours of the night when everyone else isn’t working. If you call an electrician in Lismore after hours or for an emergency, this will affect the overall cost because they prioritize that job regardless of what they’re doing and attend to it immediately. Electricians ub  Tweed Heads’ residents rely on for emergency services are known to respond instantly and to treat each situation with the urgency it deserves. Electricians will stop doing what they’re doing, sometimes in private family time, to attend to these kinds of electrical services. They’ve become accustomed to doing so because they’re providing an essential service to Australians and while it is immense responsibility, it’s their duty.

  • Cost of materials 

Specific jobs will need specific materials and it’s important that you consider that this will be included in the bill if any repairs or replacements have to take place. The choice is usually up to you about which manufacturer or supplier you prefer and that can change how much it will cost to buy them. You may need new wiring, cabling or entire electrical components in the process if you find a good licensed electrician to do the jobs.

What can affect the overall cost?

The size of your job: This element of pricing is self-explanatory because the more complicated, the more expensive. The level of difficulty and the danger involved in completing a job will have impact on how much it costs you. Repairing a single socket in your home is likely to be much cheaper than installing an A/C unit or upgrading your switchboard. The work becomes even more technical when its linked to the national gird which requires the help of a professional level 2 electrician.

The cost of an electrician in New South Wales

Cave Electrical services several locations in New South Wales including Byron Bay, Tweed Heads and Lismore. The average rate per hour for electrician services in New South Wales charge can be as little as $69.38/hr. This rate is just a guideline and can vary from state to state. For comparison purposes, we also sourced an average hourly rate fee from one of Australia’s top tradie marketplace websites and they’re estimation is $102.50/hr.

We also strongly suggest that you compare quotes between different electrical service providers in the areas. Avoid those that look the cheapest because they may be less qualified than the required national standard or just shady dealers. In the same vein, you shouldn’t be overpaying either because the electrician market is quite saturated locally and we’re all competing with fair prices to score your business. Also make sure to weigh in the qualifications, reviews, and licensing of the potential electrician you choose. There are things you can do to ensure that best electrician in the local area that is fully licensed.

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