How much does a domestic electrician cost?

Electrical work is very dangerous and that’s why it must be carried out by a licensed electric professional  in the Northern Rivers to handle it. It may be cheaper to use unlicensed service people, or even much worse, the unlawful use of DIY. Even if this is the case, we can guarantee that you won’t experience the same level of service and peace of mind than you would if you used one of Northern Rivers’s best domestic electricians. The best are fully licensed, insured and have many years of experience in delivering electrical work that keeps you safe and makes you happy as a residential owner looking for an electrician. Good quality work does not come cheap and you should be prepared to pay a decent amount for an experienced electrician in Ballina

Domestic electricians in Northern Rivers typically use a ‘per hour’ rate because the nature of the job can be quite different from residence to residence. For all electricians in the Northern Rivers, you can expect to pay anywhere between $70 to $130 per hour.  According to the latest guide from, prices in the region can range from $90 to $130. There’s such a huge gap between these two prices because there are so many things that can change the technicality of a job for an electrical expert in Ballina and the surrounding areas. Some of the factors that determine the final cost you are likely to pay: your location in the Northern Rivers region, the complexity of the electrical job and ease of access to the work site. 

Cave Electrical and Solar offers a range of domestic electrician services at affordable prices. Here is quick summary of how much you can expect to pay:

  • Lighting installation will cost you between $60 and $80 per point for high-quality lighting 
  • A new power point installation will generally cost between $140 and $180. 
  • House rewiring may be a large electrical operation that can cost anywhere from $800 to $1200 

If you are looking for any of these domestic electrical works in Ballina and many other locations in the Northern Rivers, give Cave Electrical a call on 0419 001 001.

What is a domestic electrician? 

A domestic electrician is someone who is trained, by specific electrical safety laws in Australia, to handle all electrical work and emergencies for residential settings. That means if you are experiencing any electrical wiring or outlet issues on your home property in the Northern Rivers, you need to call a domestic electrician. There are many specializations of electricians operating in Australia and many of them are trained for various kinds of properties or jobs. Domestic electricians handle domestic residences, commercial electricians handle commercial properties, and a level 2 electrician specializes in national power grid electrical work. If you are the owner of a residential property in the Northern Rivers’s major regions, there are a wide range of electrical tradies in Ballina for instance that are specially trained in dealing with home electrics.

Domestic electricians have to take several courses and are required to achieve a certain level of experience before they can work in homes across Australia. They will be rigorously trained in important home electrical works like wiring regulations, electrical installation tasks, switchboard regulations, and inspection/testing, preparing you for all parts of the domestic electrician role. The amount of time this training period will last depends on location and experience level when getting started. Training should teach electrical theory, code requirements, and safety, among other skills.

Experienced domestic electrical experts are also trained in national, regional and city qualifications for operation. This is to make sure that they know what the latest requirements are and what they can do to help residents achieve them. Domestic specialization is important because homes have their own electrical requirements and usage that are unique to them. They have electrical systems of a specific size and wiring. They also need unique installation of safety procedures like grounding. Therefore, a domestic electrician will be very familiar with the necessary electrical work in Ballina for homes in that area. They’ll know how lines run through walls and underneath houses during construction. They’ll also be proficient in knowing the different types of wiring for different types of features like outdoor lights vs appliances. 

Another new common job, thanks to modern safety regulation,  that a domestic electrician is meant to do is the upgrading of wires and breaker boxes in older homes. Many of the homes in the Northern Rivers have old school electrical wiring and systems and it shows how they aren’t able to handle modern day technology. Australian regulation has also put a deadline on the upgrading of switchboards and that means that many residents have to get up to standard. For your switchboard on your domestic property, you need a domestic electrician to do the perfect job of an upgrade. Upgrades allow for a higher wattage of power usage without overloading the breaker. It’s very likely that old homes have old wiring that can become work and must be replaced to prevent any potentially dangerous malfunctions. 

What can a domestic electrician do?

We’ve already named a few but there are many other services that a Ballina-based domestic electrician can do for you:

  • Domestic alarm installation: some electricians will specialise in installing home alarms, whether they are for security or for fire detection, 
  • Electrical emergencies: Cave Electrical & Solar are prepared for after-hours calls
  • Home entertainment system: we can help with everything from a simple TV mounting to a the installation of an entire home entertainment system 
  • Lighting: a domestic electrician can easily do all kinds of lighting fixtures in your home, indoors and out
  • New homes: licensed domestic electricians can also easily take care of all the cabling, power outlets, lighting and much more in a new build or renovation job.
  • Regular repairs and maintenance: electrical items need regular fixing and routine maintenance to keep them in tip top shape
  • Solar power: Cave Electrical & Solar is a certified solar services provider in Ballina and the surrounding area. We can help you with greener power sources 

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