How much do solar panels cost?

The key to the cost-effective use of solar panels is access to enough sunshine. The Northern Rivers region is a beautiful coastal city in the heart of New South Wales, and we know that we have our fair share of sunshine here. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be taking advantage of the sun’s power with a customized solar solutions plan from a licensed technician. Hundreds of homes and businesses are already taking advantage of it to reap the rewards of sustainable energy. You are already considering the installation of solar panels, but you’re here to find out how much you should set aside for a budget.

How much do solar panels cost in NSW?

The installation of a standard solar power system in New South Wales will cost you between $3,400 and $7,700 depending on the size of the system. This is the ballpark figure according to several tradie aggregator websites, as well as a trusted Solar Price Index that releases yearly reports about the cost for residential solar & commercial-scale. A small solar power system that is smaller than 3kW will cost you $3 000 and a large system can cost well over $7 500. Even though this might sound like a lot, the cost of installing solar power panels in New South Wales is cheaper than the national average. As technology advances, the prices are only going to go lower for those interested in solar power. We’ve put together a brief summary of solar system prices for New South Wales and the rest of the country below: 








New South Wales

$3 510

$3 910

$4 280

$4 880

$5 640

$7 550

Darwin, Northern Territory (most expensive)

$5 630

$7 120

$7 930

$9 210

$10 330

$13 210

National average







**Source: Solar Choice – latest solar price index. 

** These prices are only a guide within New South Wales and the actual cost of your solar panel installation might be vastly different based on where you are and what system you need for your individual electrical supply needs. For a more specific quote, you should get in touch with us as the preferred installation specialist in Northern Rivers. One of the contributing factors to the differences in region prices is because you will pay for a solar system that is subsidised differently by regional government-run solar rebate schemes. 

Are solar panels worth it?

You may be asking yourself if the price is worth it, and we’ve compiled a list of benefits of solar power, but you should know that there are several reasons to justify the purpose. There are government incentives in place that save you money and as the years go by, your solar panels will eventually start paying for themselves. Then if that isn’t reason enough, just take a look at your electricity bills and consider the constantly rising rates of electricity that are burning a hole in your pocket. Solar powered electricity will save you money, but they’ll also make you an independent generator of your own electricity, and you will be free from the outages and other national power grid issues. 

NSW Solar rebates and incentives for locals

NSW residents have access to two solar power incentives from our local government and they are: Small-scale Technology Certificates and feed-in tariffs. They can save you thousands of dollars over the life of your system and over a few short years, as the cost-saving and rebate add up, your panels will pay for themselves. 

How solar panels work?

At Cave Electrical & Solar, we have installed hundreds of solar systems of assorted sizes and we offer specialized systems for each individual client. If you look at an entry level sized solar system, of 5kW, this is what you can expect…

A 5kW solar system, depending on the manufacturer, is made up of 16 panels that are about one metre in length and width. Each panel can produce 320W of power for a total 5kW. Larger solar systems, have more panels and therefore will work together to produce more energy. Each panel has solar cells interlinked together with wires where the electricity is made. It is a cost-effective system that is sure to lower your electricity bill by a sizable percentage because we have the advantage of year-round sun and government incentivized rebates. The smallest system is perfectly ideal and is being used by over a million homeowners in Australia already. 

How much does installation cost?

When you are interacting with a solar solutions expert in Northern Rivers, when they give you a price for a certain sized solar panel unit, it should include the installation cost in the price. If the advertising price is $3 000 for a 5kW unit, that means that part of it is the fee for their handiwork. If a company asks for a separate installation charge, they may be an unreliable company. Try to avoid using unreliable and unlicensed solar power companies because it can cost you. You can only claim government rebates if your solar panel installation is done by a certified solar services provider in the area.

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