Grid connection: everything you need to know

Are you planning a brand-new construction project or planning to do a major renovation on your home? Whether you are building a new residential or commercial property from scratch or you’re simply considering the extension of the existing structure, you’ll need a level 2 electrician to help connect you to the power grid. Grid connection requires specialized skills because millions of Australians rely on it, and it shouldn’t be tampered with in any way that can disrupt its operation. New appliances and equipment, renewable energy considerations, and consumer electricity consumption are drastically changing the nature of our grids. The best person to get you connected in the most technically sound way while keeping you compliant with regulatory requirements is a level 2 electrician. 

What is a level 2 electrician? 

Before an electrician can become level 2 accredited, they have to obtain a higher qualification that gives them the knowledge to handle bigger jobs for clients. They must go through, and successfully pass, rigorous training so that doing things like repairs, maintenance and installation becomes second nature to them. Once they complete this training and obtain their qualification, they receive their license to operate as a level 2 accredited service provider. Other licensed electricians will also undergo this process before being qualified enough to work in your home or commercial premises, but the difference is that level 2 training also includes extensive work on overhead and underground electricity. This means that they are smart and can work safely enough to manually handle or touch the tall overhead power cables that you might see on the road outside your home. Make no mistake, these cables produce powerful voltages of electricity because they carry it around the whole country. It’s dangerous work that requires the hands of someone trusted to handle it. This is why you need a level 2 electrician for grid connection in Murwillumbah:

  • Power grid connection 

When customers want to establish a new connection into their property or need a complete disconnect from the power grid, Level 2 accredited electricians can do that using the overhead or underground power lines. This kind of work is usually required when doing a safety test or a complete electrical upgrade at your home or office building. Every act performed on the national power grid has to be compliant with the National Electricity Rules and relevant jurisdictions. In some cases, there is a lot of paperwork to get through before the electrician can arrive to connect new properties to the power grid. 

  • Work on the underground or overhead power supply

Electricity across Australia’s grid can be transmitted through the installation of overhead or underground power equipment. The installation can vary and is mostly dependent on the location of your property amongst many other factors to consider. Underground power supply works with the installation of heavy-duty cabling that will need to be buried deep underground. Overhead power, on the other hand, is installed using poles and distinct types of cabling. While level 2 electricians are certified to install these features and to do grid connection or disconnection, they are also the only ones safe to do repairs on them too. 

  • Power upgrades

A power upgrade is when an electrician needs to increase your output to allow for higher usage levels. An example is when a property is being refurbished to cater for commercial uses. In this instance, a level 2 electrician would upgrade a single-phase setup to a 3-phase system.


Why do I need a level 2 electrician for grid connection?

Australia has extremely strict rules about the qualifications required of all our electricians because our power grid is an essential resource for the entire nation. Electricians can be qualified to three different levels; 1, 2, and 3. Level 3 is the most basic qualification and Level 1 is the highest level of achievement which makes them able to complete any level of electrical work. This system strictly dictates that only level 2 electricians can work with the national power grid because the level of danger is elevated due to the high level of voltage. Using anyone else less qualified, or a service provider that doesn’t offer level 2 electricians, could put yourself, the electrician, and your property at risk of harm. 

What services are offered by a level 2 electrician?

Level 2 electricians aren’t only qualified to do grid connections in the Northern Rivers. They can also do all of the following for you:

  • Repairing damaged grid cables
  • Connecting new homes to power sources
  • Mains upgrades, repairs, maintenance, or installation 
  • Establishing new business power lines
  • Pole or underground cabling installation
  • Upgrades to 2- or 3-phase electrical systems
  • Replacements of your electrical system
  • Installation of a temporary power supply
  • Solar system design and installation
  • Power upgrades
  • Electrical Safety Inspections
  • Meter installation

You will need a grid connection if you are building a new property that is not yet connected to the mains power supply and only a level 2 electrician can do this. They can consult with you about the best options for connecting your property to the underground or overhead electrical systems. They will ensure the safe connection of your property to the grid and help you with other tasks. 

Cave Electrical & Solar grid connection and level 2 electrician

Need a level 2 accredited electrician? Call us at Cave Electrical and Solar. Our guys can help you to upgrade your meters and we can convert your traditional single-phase Gross Meter to net, and we can do this without an entirely new smart meter installation. Our licensed electricians can also help you with all electrical work that’s involved with the overhead and underground power grid services into your home. Are you in the process of construction and need to get your property connected to a power line? One of our underground and overhead power specialists is on call 24/7 to help. We’re based in Northern NSW, and we continue to service The Northern Rivers and Southeast Queensland area including Tweed Heads, Murwillumbah, Lismore, Byron Bay, Ballina, and all surrounding areas.

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