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Cave electrical is the right place to approach. When you contact Cave Electricians for repair or assistance, our team is always available to offer additional advice and assistance. You did not have to stay in lines for service, and our electrician would always be able to answer your inquiries.

We put processes in place to respond to any electrical emergencies you might have. We are here for any commercial or domestic electrical problems you might have.

With us, you will not be left guessing when your electrician will show up. With our on-time promise, if our electrician gets ever late for whatever reason, you will receive a cash refund to demonstrate how concerned we are regarding our timeliness.

We are all Certified Electricians deeply committed to providing excellent quality electrical services at the most competitive prices to all Australians.
That is what sets Cave Electricians apart.

Our Services

Cave Electrical offers local electricians all over Northern NSW. We can assist you if you need an electrician. Cave Electricians are generally Master Electricians, and they provide good quality electrical services.

Our electricians are affordable, qualified professionals who take pride in their work. We want to provide the best services for our customers and we always do what is required of us at the desired time. As a company that values ethics and principles, and also maintains everything as it’s important to maintain our reputation as well!

Our local electricians specialize in giving you the most significant electrical work whether you are in and surrounding Tweed or any place of the suburbs throughout the Northern Rivers through Murwillumbah. We want to form long-term connections with all of our customers inside the Northern Rivers location

Cave Electrical is a commercial electrical service provider located in Murwillumbah, providing a friendly and all-time business for all your commercial electrical needs. All of our electrical work is performed flawlessly and on time by our skilled electricians efficiently. We use quality equipment to ensure a durable period without any issues. We make sure that the work has been done perfectly and also the area has been cleaned after our work is completed. We try to not cause any disruptions to your business or commercial property.

Our customers’ range from homeowners to commercial clients. Cave electricals are there, dedicated and ready to provide energy solutions.

We would continue to work with you, our customers, to identify your difficulties, understand your needs, and provide solutions to help you achieve tremendous success. We’re committed to supplying the electricity that keeps you functioning.

We have been providing these solar services for fifty years at a very cheap rate and high-quality services. We have been providing these services in Murwillumbah for the last fifty years. So connect with Cave electrical and enjoy the long-lasting services. 

Our sustainability Goal

Creating environmentally friendly items

Recycling as well as remanufacturing parts to reduce waste

Improving the well-being of communities while lowering environmental impact

No work is too little for our friendly staff at Cave Electrician, whether a circuit has blown or your need additional power points to prevent overloading sockets. They are dedicated to giving you the best possible value for your money, plus we can even acquire goods for you from trusted vendors.

  • Fans for the ceiling
  • Thermostats and hot water hookups
  • Lighting in case of an emergency
  • Lights with sensors
  • Downlights and spotlights are used in the lighting.

To complete the switchboard upgrade securely, your complete house’s power would be separated at the central switchboard. All of the existing circuit protection components will be removed (fuses). The additional circuit breakers plus RCDs will be housed in an 8-12 volt enclosure. Circuit breakers, as well as RCD combined breakers, will be installed in your circuits. This assures people’s safety and complies with current electrical requirements (apparently to AS NZS 3000:2018).

At Level 2 Systems Accreditation, we have worked with the authorized service provider program for over 50 years. We offer a competent team of electrician providers who are periodically tested to operate in the Essential Power Networks.

Any electrician and allowed to build, repair, and operate both underground and overhead services that connect consumers to the electrical distribution network is known as a level 2 operator. Disconnecting and rejoining electrical systems of separate residences from the electrical grids and installation of electric meters may be part of their duties.

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