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Cave electricals have been providing the people of Ballina with services in all electrical fields. Our company has 50 years’ experience in serving the community throughout and with many satisfied customers.

Our electricians always work on time and maintain the highest professional standard. We are trustworthy and can be contacted anytime for further assistance.

In addition to providing the most comprehensive electrical service in Ballina, we also offer long-term maintenance.

You can rest assured as skilled and certified electricians do the work. We can assure you that you will be getting excellent service for the value of money, and you will also benefit from personal service every time we handle your work.

We provide service for all your needs, including domestic, commercial, and industrial requirements.

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Cave Electricals has received the NECA NSW Excellence award in the small electrical contracting business. We are a certified and trustworthy company. We make sure that you witness the work being done by our electricians and revise through the job.

All the services we have provided have been mentioned below with an overview of works and other details.

Our Services

Looking for Electricians? Our Cave Electricals provide the best quality domestic electrical services to the customers.

Cave Electricals is a company in Ballina that offers affordable, reliable electricians for any electrical need. We will maintain the highest level of customer service and provide you with high-quality workmanship at all times. Our team has been fully trained to handle just about anything from light installation to major renovations!

Our electricians are affordable, qualified professionals who take pride in their work. We want to provide the best services for our customers and we always do what is required of us at the desired time. As a company that values ethics and principles, and also maintains everything as it’s important to maintain our reputation as well!

Cave Electrical is a commercial electrical service provider located in Ballina, providing a friendly and all-time business for all your commercial electrical needs. All of our electrical work is performed flawlessly and on time by our skilled electricians efficiently. We use quality equipment to ensure a durable period without any issues. We make sure that the work has been done perfectly and also the area has been cleaned after the work’s completion.

We are providing solar power services for fifty years at a very cheap rate and high-quality services. We have been providing these services in Ballina for the last fifty years. It is not some slick sales. Or a fickle-minded business. We offer the world’s most reliable and fully intrinsic Warranty equipment, which you can only get in Australia. Cave electrical gives a five-year guarantee that they will not produce any problems for clients. Our employees are from the Clean Energy Council and have an excellent reputation for installing solar panels. So connect with Cave electrical and enjoy the long-lasting services. Best designs and after-sales support, excellent communication with clients before, during, and after the sales.

We provide a wide range of electricians who can do switchboard upgrades for you. A switch upgrade is a complete replacement of old switches, M.C.B.s and fuses with new and modernized technological switches, fuses and R.C.D.s .

If you have a rewirable fuse, flickering lights, old wiring or an old house, noises, sparks, shocks, unpainted or old powerpoints, overcrowded wiring then it is a sign that you need to upgrade the switchboards of your houses. No need to worry! There are many new technologies of switches, boards,sockets and powerpoints which we provide in our services

We provide fully qualified and certified electricians who have complete knowledge of upgrading a switchboard in an old or new house. We provide cheap and specialised services. We also give a five-year guarantee on these upgrades We are the electrical, solar or battery specialists in Ballina, Australia.

If you’re looking to upgrade your switchboards, give us a call or fill in the form for a free quote.

We have a great reputation as a Level 2 electrician in Ballina. A Level 2 electrician is more updated and qualified than a normal electrician where normal electricians just have to maintain and upgrade the electrical system of the home but Level 2 electricians have to maintain a connection between the electrical system of the home and the centre from where the electricity is supplied.

For example, when you see the power board is showing a red light and a normal technician cannot find the solution then you must call a Level 2 electrician and yes we provide the accredited Level 2 electrician in the whole of Ballina.

As an accredited service for Level 2 electricians we provide overhead and underlying electrical systems of your property. We install Gross Meter to Net meter and can change the whole Gross Meter to Net meter without installing any new meter and smart meter. Contact us to get power to your property as we are specialists in overhead and underground electrical systems.

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Unfortunately, in today’s industry, there are too many rip, tear & bust Solar Companies out to make a quick buck out of you.

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