Dos and Don’ts of Buying Solar Panel

The bills are getting more expensive, and you’re concerned about the environment. You’re on this page because you’re seriously considering the what-ifs of becoming someone who relies on the sun on your power. You have a vision of “going off the grid” and even though it sounds daunting, you’re ready for a change. Cave Electrical and Solar’s team of licensed electricians want you to know that you’re not alone in feeling this way. Data from the Clean Energy Council shows that almost four hundred thousand Australians installed solar panels in 2021 and these are record-breaking numbers. Our company is a veteran solar solutions services provider, and we can tell you exactly how you can begin this journey to solar-powered living. These are a few dos and don’ts to help you navigate your way.

Dos and don’t of buying solar panels

Don’t believe the common misconception that you need a certain roof to maximise on solar power energy. The technology behind solar panels has advanced to the point that they are effective in almost all parts, including locations in New South Wales, of Australia regardless of your roof or surroundings. All panels installed in Australia, should face the north because we’re down here in the southern hemisphere. The solar energy from the north side receives much more sun and that’ll mean that most areas will get the maximum energy yield. Even in the rare chance that your panels aren’t north facing, you will only lose up to 15% of production and many would describe this as negligible. 

Do compare quotes and financing solutions. Reach out to as many solar panel suppliers and installers as you can. You need to make sure that they are licensed and accredited before talking about business. Once you know that they’re legit, it’s time to compare the packages that are on offer. We have many more tips for how you can find the best electrician for the job. Even though they used to be, solar panels are not only for the rich anymore and can be upgraded over time to fit into a yearly budget plan. In some cases, like with Cave Electrical and Solar, a good electrical works company can offer you a financing plan for the installation of your solar panel. Find the provider that gives you everything you need, and you can only do this by contacting as many as possible for a decent comparison.

Don’t ignore the solar rebates at your disposal. Did you know that you qualify for cash-back for purchasing and installing solar panels? You may be invested in solar panels to save money because the traditional power grid rates are constantly fluctuating. However, you are also helping the Australian government in lowering the nation’s pollution print by turning to renewable energy. You will qualify for a rebate according to Australian law. Make sure to contact your relevant financial services provider as soon as your panels are installed so that they can help you get cash back.

Do focus on future-proofing your solar panels. Solar powered technology is growing and changing every year. So, ask your installer if you need any additions or what capacity installation is the best fit for upgrades in the near future. Choosing the cheapest and least complicated option might seem the easiest but it could be troublesome when it’s time for better or faster solar technology to take over the industry. Even if we ignore future innovations, you might need additional support soon just based on your family’s developing electrical needs. Maybe it’s better to install more solar panels now, if you have to expand and add batteries in the future. A Cave Electrical & Solar electrician is perfectly qualified to lead you in the right direction and give you plain, honest advice.

Do fully take advantage of the warranty conditions that come with solar panels and their installation. Read the fine print when you’re signing the contract for your solar panels, and you’ll realize that you are entitled to a lot of support after your purchase and for many years following. You should have more than one warranty at your disposal. The warranties could include panel, inverter and workmanship guarantees. Look for suppliers and installers that can give you up to 10 years in warranty guarantees. This is because solar panels are very efficient electrical equipment. They don’t need to be serviced very often and maintenance requirements shouldn’t only be cheap, but also few and far between. 

Should you still feel unsure about the decision to install solar panels, don’t be afraid to give us a call so that we can answer all your questions and even handle the entire process for you. Our crew of Clean Energy Council accredited electricians can give you a professional installation of your panels with a 5-year guarantee on all the workmanship and the parts used. We use high-quality parts and service that is backed by a business that is 50 years old. We’re based in Northern NSW, and we provide service to the Northern Rivers and Southeast Queensland including Tweed Heads, Ballina, Murwillumbah, Lismore and all surrounding areas. Call us on 0419 001 001 or 0419 001 001 for your solar power needs today. 

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