Do electricians mount TVs?

We can guarantee that you won’t find a tradie in the Northern Rivers that’s as multi-talented as the local electricians. We may be electrical work aficionados but we’re also experts in many other aspects of your home or commercial property that you might not be aware of. We can help with your water heating systems which seems a bit of a contradiction when you think about the mix of electricity and water. Electricians are also interior designers in our own right because we can help you with beautiful light fixtures that will add a touch of whimsy to any interior and exterior area. At Cave Electrical & Solar, we can also be advisors about the science behind sustainable energy options and that can be a great help to people who don’t fully understand things like solar power. We’ve cultivated these skills for a reason and that’s to make sure that we’re the best electrician that Lismore can provide. So, what’s a job like mounting your TV in your home or commercial property to all-round experts like us? To answer your question, yes, the electricians in Tweed Heads can mount your TVs. 

Why you should call an electrician to mount your TV

Mounting a flat screen television set on a wall isn’t just a matter of screwing it on there. There is a lot of cabling involved in the process and you can save yourself so much trouble if you get a professional in to handle it immediately. There are two reasons why an electrician can simplify the process of mounting your new tv much better than anyone else can

  1. Your TV is your main source of entertainment and as soon as it is done being mounted, you want to kick your feet up and immediately start enjoying some programming. This requires that your TV is properly connected to your cable or other commercial TV line, and to any auxiliary entertainment components such as a DVD player or audio speakers, and an electrician knows exactly how to do so. If you have one of the newer smart TV models, you may want your TV to be connected to the internet for you to access streaming channels. You should not attempt to this job yourself and just ask for the capable help of a professional in Lismore and there are many benefits of using a licensed electrician.
  2. We’re trained to install TV cabling, but we’re also trained to do it neatly. Licensed electricians in Lismore, and in surrounding areas like Balina, Byron Bay, Tweed Heads and Murwillumbah can hide all the cables and wires attached to your TV and general entertainment unit with minimal damage to your walls and maximum tidiness. They will do a much better job of making your TV look good when hanging on the wall. If you try to do it yourself, we expect that you’ll leave a few tangled cables hanging around and that will create a visibly unappealing appearance.
  3. Different walls require different techniques and materials for TV mounting. You can’t just use any old screw if you have a brick wall, and a licensed electrician will know that. Electricians in Tweed Heads have special access to tools and materials that are the best for mounting TVs on all kinds of surfaces. There are different procedures for dealing with bricks vs plaster and they must be treated differently to avoid long-lasting damage to your home or commercial property.

Even though it seems like an easy job, we hope that after reading this you’re more aware of how complicated it can be. Other than all the benefits listed above, the electricians at the Cave Solar and Electrical team want to make all electrical work jobs a breeze for you and this is one of them that we’re happy to do. Call us anytime to schedule one of our guys for a same-day TV mounting job as soon as you’ve made your purchase.

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