Checklist before hiring a domestic electrician

Hiring a domestic electrician shouldn’t be something you take lightly. You should want the best of the best to handle your electrical system in Ballina. There are many technicians who will claim to be the best domestic electrician in the area but we have a checklist for you to use as reference to create a short list…

Eight things to look for in a domestic electrician 

  • Experience

You must ensure that your domestic electrician is experienced and has a couple years of groundwork under their belt. There are many domestic electrical companies in Ballina that claim to be experienced but don’t match our own extensive amount of experience. Make sure to check how experienced you are before hiring them and ending up with someone not skilled enough to do the job. Using somebody that does not understand the care and attention needed to carry out work on listed buildings can have disastrous consequences and can be expensive to rectify. And if the electrician is not insured, then you will need to go through laborious and costly measures to reclaim your money.

  • Are they affordable?

After you’ve narrowed down a list of domestic electricians in your area, compare their electrical service charges. Make sure to find the one that is best suited to your budget. However, try to stay away from quotes that look too good to be true. 

  • Do they have solid insurance?

Reputable domestic electricians carry insurance to protect themselves and their clients from unfortunate accidents during any work. If an accident occurs, which doesn’t happen usually, while the electrician is working, it can lead to personal injuries and property damage. Proper insurance can easily deal with the costs and avoid an expensive fix of any damaged property, so hire an electrician with the right insurance coverage.

  • Are you registered and licensed?

There are different types of certifications required for electrical work in Ballina. An electrician may be qualified for air conditioning installation in domestic properties but not for commercial properties. Make sure that your domestic electrician specializes in just that – residential electricals. 

  • What level of insurance do you have?

There is insurance required by law for domestic electrical experts in Ballina and one of them is employer’s liability insurance or something similar. Don’t be afraid to ask your electrician about their insurance documents and the particulars about how much it covers. 

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  • What sort of warranty do they offer?

A warranty is one of the best things that come with licensed domestic electrician work. A good warranty will cover your installation for a year or even many years after. This is an ideal situation so that you don’t have to worry about any unforeseen situations. 

  • Do you have reputable references?

If are doing or planning a big electrical job in Ballina like a new house construction or renovation, you need to use domestic electricians that know exactly what they are doing. An electrician who is proud of their portfolio of work will be happy to offer you a detailed contact list of references. You should also look for references, or past jobs, which are similar to the type of work that you require. You should also check if the domestic electrical technician has a speciality in certain jobs. Maybe you want a qualified maintenance technician or someone who specializes in solar power, you should want an electrician that matches the kind of job you need doing. 

  • Do you offer fixed rates?

When you call a domestic electrical services provider you should expect an estimate of the service you may require on your property. Professional electricians might not resort to hourly rates if the job is quite complex. A fixed rate is their obligation to keep your bill as low as possible. 

  • Are you knowledgeable about permits and inspections? 

Some electrical repairs or installations require permits in Ballina and your technician should be able to explain what they are and how you obtain them. You should already maintain basic building practices, but you may not be as thorough because nobody comes by afterward to check up on your work. Permits are not needed for small electrician jobs, but inspectors do need to approve national power grid work in some instances. 

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