A guide to installing a new electrical switchboard

Older homes in Tweed Heads are likely to still have old, outdated electrical switchboards on the property. They do not meet the new Australian Standards (AS3000) and are more dangerous than the modern models. Switchboards upgrades in Tweed Heads are also a way to bring your electrical system up to scratch with our modern demands of electricity with fancy appliances and equipment. New fuses are designed to be a better safety feature when compared with old or faulty fuses which are more prone to electrical faults and fires. Keep reading to get a better understanding of everything involved with a new electrical switchboard

What is a switchboard upgrade? 

A switchboard is also known as a fuse board, but they are essentially a unit that controls and directs all the electricity within your home. Modern switchboards come with a standard safety switch and that’s the most important part of the switchboard upgrade. It is designed to protect your property from an overload of electricity. 

How do I know if my electrical switchboard needs upgrading? 

Here are a few signs that you need a switchboard upgrade…

  • If you’re completing a renovation on your property, your switchboard will need relocating.
  • Old houses probably have old switchboards, and these are a problem for your general safety. It may need the addition of fuses and circuits added. Fuses may have been modified over the years with wire that is now incorrectly rated and unsafe.
  • If your fuse keeps tripping every time you turn on an appliance. This and many other high-electrical requirement appliances are causing the circuit to short. 
  • Older switchboards relying only on replaceable wires and fuses can represent a high risk of fire. If you do possess such a switchboard in your home and regularly experience blown fuses, it’s because of the excess power demands from modern day appliances mentioned earlier.
  • It’s required by law because the Australian Government has updated the switchboard requirements for all property owners across the nation. Switchboard upgrades are there to follow the latest standards to comply with modern day electrical needs, usage, and safety.
  • If you’re missing a safety switch, then you need a switchboard upgrade immediately. Safety switches give you the ability to cut down or restore power, when necessary, a feature does not present on older switchboards. An electrical safety switch is a crucial feature of modern switchboards.

How to install an electrical switchboard?

Here are the steps on how to install an electrical switchboard:

Preparation period 

The switchboard technician will begin preparing the area for the upgrade. First, we’ll measure the parameters of the switchboard by using a copper wire. Then, open the switch by unscrewing its screws using a screwdriver. After that, insert the phase-in, in the switchboard. After completing all these steps, using a screwdriver, tighten the screws of the switchboard.


Safety switch installation and testing 

The next final step of a typical new switchboard installation in Tweed Heads is the connection of the socket. The switch will be connected to the insulated wiring. Then the mandatory safety switch will be installed and tested for safe use. 


Benefits of an electrical switchboard upgrade?

A licensed electrical technician will remove all old electrical equipment including asbestos switchboard panels. These are potentially harmful to every person on the property that is exposed to it. All terminations and earthing re-terminated to ensure no loose joints that cause arcing. We’ll install a new closure and a metering panel will be installed with specific labelling. This will help you locate the faulty circuits yourself if need be. You’ll experience an increased level of electrical safety and reliability from the source.

Single Phase vs 3-Phase Power

Your switchboard upgrade is largely dependent on the voltage that you require. The standard requirement is 230 to 240 volts, which is known as single phase power. For large homes or commercial properties with powerful appliances, chances are it’ll be connected to 3-phase power (400 to 415 volts). Single phase is the most common connection to power in Australian homes as it has a smaller voltage capacity which accommodates the average electrical load. 3-phase is more commonly found in industrial spaces or commercial businesses where large appliances are in use, such as factory equipment and machinery.

Who is qualified to complete a switchboard upgrade? 

The first thing you need to know is that switchboard upgrades in tweed Heads are not a DIY project. It’s firstly, and most importantly, illegal for unlicensed technicians to perform them but it is also very dangerous! They must be completed by appropriately licenced and qualified electricians. No one can do it better than a licensed electrician because they have the right tools and equipment to complete the job properly the first time. You can trust that their handiwork will save you time and money in the long term. Reach out to us on 0419 001 001 if you need some help.

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